Announcing the Extreme Futures Technology and Forecasting Manual

Imagine a book that predicts the future of technology that evolves with time, trends with unprecedented accuracy designed for technologies, futurists and other analyst.
The compilation will come out each year.
Contributors will get a copy each year they participate where other’s will have to purchase them. All Contributors are named and contribute by attending the various Extreme Futures Technology and Forecasting Conferences where everyone will be contributing to activities we will do during the conference as part of the agenda including the technology forecasting exercise based on the Futures Squares methodology, study group role playing simulations and workshops based on techniques done with DARPA and the US Military and government but this time open to the public w/o government or other oversight skewing results.
Other sections will be briefs submitted and Singularity Index analysis based on the research program measuring stock related to core AGI related corporate investments. All of this formatted in a way to help people look at the key trends and likely outcomes. Everyone will be named directly. The TNC will use it as a key tool is Transhumanist sound policy lobbying and companies will use it predict viable investment and research programs and more.
Come predict the future… Oct 22nd
Attend the EFTF in San Francisco, submit white papers and analysis and help light the way.

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Extreme Futures and Technology Forecasting Conference – Fall 2016

The EFTF Conferences first event in San Francisco.  Lots of Lightning Rounds by industry luminaries, and local technologists on the future of technology.  Profits from the conference will be donated to a Non-Profit focused using technology to help humanity through the use of new and emerging technology.  This conference is about the future of technology, networking and how we can help each other with a holistic approach.  Come join the conversation and the futurist trends and technology.  There will be an after party but the location is still TBD (tickets for the party are seperate then general admission).


9AM – Networking

10AM – Opening Remarks

10:15AM – Keynote – Showcase Speaker (Alexander Rose, )

10:45AM – Noon – Lighting rounds

Noon – 1:30PM Networking/Demos (HoloLens Demo, Emerging Personal Technology Bar, table demos, )

12:30 – (During Lunch) Artificial General Intelligence Inc Press Conference

1:00PM – (During Lunch) TNC Press Conference

1:30PM – Afternoon Showcase Speaker – Dr. Natasha VitaMore

1:45PM – 3:00PM Lightning Rounds

3:00PM – 3:45PM – Future Technology and Society and Politics Forum Sponsored by the TNC and H+

4:00PM – 5:00PM – Closing Remarks, Demos, Networking

Lightning Round Presenters: 

Newton Lee, Noted Futurist and Author

Ricardo Parker, CEO of Chronos VR

David J Kelley, Principal AGI Inc., TNC Chair, and Microsoft MVP

Zoltan Istvan, Futurist, US Presidential Candidate (Tentitive)

Adair Daniels, Futurist

Mark Waser, AI Researcher, AGI Inc.

Michael Weiner,

Keith Wiley,


We will need a few lighting rounds, if you want to sponsor the conference or setup a demo table please let us know.

get your tickets here (or click the tickets link above) :


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Exosphere Academy Scholarship Program

Help us send students to the Exosphere or sign up your self.  donate here: DONATE

The Exosphere Academy program is both about gaining skills while simultaneously exchanging experiences, knowledge, working and collaborating with participants from around the world looking to do incredible things and create more meaningful lives.

Join in the Creative Economy! 

Exosphere is composed so that that participants are part of one of five “streams”, each of which have a mentor assigned to them. Each of the participants of the stream will learn and dig deep into individual and business philosophy and its applications by doing workshops, presentations, assignments and session, while working on real projects. These may be their personal projects, projects presented by the mentor, or from external organizations. The program is immersive. The participants of the stream will live, work, and collaborate together. The mentor will be in charge of following the process of the participants and adapting the content according to what they are looking to learn and build. A lot of this work and time will be spent at the house where the participants live for the 8 weeks.

In addition to this, there is a core curriculum that is built to develop collaboration between the streams, with interdisciplinary workshops, sessions, and discussions on business, philosophy, entrepreneurship, design thinking, personal growth, etc. These activities take place in our co-working space. Here is where the participants have the opportunity to develop new relations and dynamics to add value to themselves and their projects from different points of view.

Tuition includes program and housing + utilities (totally 4600 per student)

The housing service offers a shared room and bathroom in the Stream’s house

Learn more here:

but more importantly donate here: DONATE

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Vulcan Technologies Sponsors EFTF

VulcanTechLogo_2016We are excited to welcome our newest sponsor Vulcan Technology to the Extreme Futures Tech Fest.  Look for them at the next event May 14th in Seattle.

Vulcan Technology is developing solutions to address some of the world’s toughest challenges – from protecting Africa’s elephants to preserving fisheries to bringing reliable power and connectivity to under served areas.

We focus on disruptive solutions that push the boundaries of the state of the art, as well as ideas that implement technology to move philanthropic efforts forward.

to learn more:


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Open Access to Tools and Technology

Open access to Tools and Technology by Gabriel Licina presented by the Extreme Futures Tech Fest – Winter 2016.

Open access to tool and advancing technology is key to moving technology forward. the Restrictions we have in the industry currently hold us back.

Commentary by Gabriel and some one on Google+: Continue reading

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Envisioning the Future of Technology

Extreme Futures Tech Fest (Winter 2016) Presents Kati Rissanen on ‘Envisioning the Future of Technology.

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The Future of Power Transmission Wirelessly – Extreme Futures Technology Fest

Exploring the Future of space based solar power and wireless power tranmission from travel to other large scale applications in the future.  From the Extreme Futures Technology Fest Winter 2016 – Session 2 on Wireless Power Adair Daniels speaking from his book “Future of Business”



* hero image used from

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Exosphere Academy 2016 – Prepare Yourself For The Creative Economy

“The burning desire to press forward in the face of all opposition, limitless curiosity for learning, the ability to adapt, and the will to shape the world for the better— these are the essential traits of the entrepreneur.
In our age of hype this core has been replaced with venture capital rounds, social media vanity, and a lot more talking about the journey than actually living it.”

– Skinner Layne
Founder of Exosphere Continue reading

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Death – What Can We Do?

The first presentation after the keynote done by Evan West – The Informed Futurist talking about ad attitude adjustment in how we think of death. Even’s talk on Death and how we can look at it differently talks about the true, where we are and where we might go in terms of thoughts on death and about what we can do now to make a difference.

to learn more about Evan check out his web site:

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Live Streaming – EFTF Winter 2016

EFTF is a tech conference focused on emerging technology trends, across the tech sector. It covers the latest in emerging technology, the topics related to those trends but also social impact and emerging societal changes and where we are going with technology and where it affects us and business. In this ‘issue’ of EFTF we have topics from bio engineering, cybernetics (including a live demo of an implant procedure), artificial intelligence, cloud computing, maker trends, XR technologies (AR/VR and Wearables), IoT and many more.
Conference features include main talks covering key areas, a digital conference floor, device bar, and the futures forum with industry experts, lighting rounds covering niche topics, networking opportunities, a super-secret technology cabal after party and more.

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