Vulcan Technologies Sponsors EFTF

VulcanTechLogo_2016We are excited to welcome our newest sponsor Vulcan Technology to the Extreme Futures Tech Fest.  Look for them at the next event May 14th in Seattle.

Vulcan Technology is developing solutions to address some of the world’s toughest challenges – from protecting Africa’s elephants to preserving fisheries to bringing reliable power and connectivity to under served areas.

We focus on disruptive solutions that push the boundaries of the state of the art, as well as ideas that implement technology to move philanthropic efforts forward.

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  1. William wallace

    Being that it is a moral imperative to develop AI, I have talked with people that discuss building rogue AI. These AI are to seek out other AI and compromise, corrupt, or control them. What systems are you building to protect future AI from being affected by rogue elements?

  2. if your referring to my AGI project its unrelated to the above post and we are not building anything to protect anything. its about the research and see how much of it we can make work. then we will worry about details like that.

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