Elizabeth Parrish,

CEO of BioViva (http://bioviva-science.com/)

Humanitarian, entrepreneur and innovator, is a leading voice for genetic cures. As a strong proponent of progress and education for the advancement of regenerative medicine modalities, she serves as a motivational speaker to the public at large for the life sciences. She is actively involved in international educational media outreach and sits on the board of the International Longevity Alliance (ILA). She is an affiliated member of the Complex Biological Systems Alliance (CBSA), which is a unique platform for Mensa based, highly gifted persons who advance scientific discourse and discovery.

The mission of the CBSA is to further scientific understanding of biological complexity and the nature and origins of human disease. She is the founder of BioTrove Investments LLC and the BioTrove Podcasts which is committed to offering a meaningful way for people to learn about and fund research in regenerative medicine. She is also the Secretary of The American Longevity Alliance (ALA) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit trade association that brings together individuals, companies, and organizations who work in advancing the emerging field of cellular & regenerative medicine.

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Natasha Vita-More

, PhD (http://www.natasha.cc/)

Natasha holds a PhD in Media Art and Design from the Planetary Collegium at the University of Plymouth; MPhil, University of Plymouth, Faculty of Technology, School of Communications, Computers and Electronics; MSc, University of Houston, Future Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities; BFA, University of Memphis, Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking; was filmmaker-in-residence, University of Colorado; and holds Certificates in Nutrition and Sports Training, American Muscle & Fitness Association.

Natasha’s research concerns the design aesthetics of human enhancement and radical life extension, with a focus on sciences and technologies of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive and neuro sciences (NBIC). Her conceptual future human design “Primo Posthuman” has been featured in Wired, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Net Business, Teleopolis, and Village Voice. She has appeared in over twenty-four televised documentaries on the future and culture, and has exhibited media artworks at National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Brooks Memorial Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art, Women In Video, Telluride Film Festival, and United States Film Festival and recently “Evolution Haute Couture: Art and Science in the Post-Biological Age”. Natasha has been the recipient of several awards: First Place Award at Brooks Memorial Museum, Special Recognition at Women in Video, and Best Graduate Student Project of 2005 for her “Futures Podcast Series: at the University of Houston, Future Studies program.

Natasha is a proponent human rights and ethical means for human enhancement, and is published in Artifact, Technoetic Arts, Nanotechnology Perceptions, Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology, Death and Anti-Death. She has a bimonthly column in Nanotechnology Now, is a Guest Editor of The Global Spiral academic journal and on the Editorial Board of International Journal of Green Nanotechnology. Natasha authored Create / Recreate: the 3rd Millennial Culture on the emerging cybernetic culture and the future of humanism and the arts and sciences. She co-authored One on One Fitness, a guide to nutrition and aerobic and anaerobic exercise for women. Her new book The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Look at Philosophy and Technology is scheduled for publishing in 2012 through Wiley-Blackwell.

Natasha is Chair of Humanity+, international non-profit 501c3 organization and was the former president of Extropy Institute, networking organization Natasha continues to work with academic institutions, non-profit organizations and business about human futures. She is a Fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, and was a track advisor on Ethics, Policy & Law at the Singularity University, on the Scientific Board of Lifeboat Foundation, Visiting Scholar at 21st Century Medicine, and a consultant to IBM on the future of human performance.

Mark Andrew Demarest,

CEO & Co-Founder (Spinnable)

Mark has over 20 years of industry leadership and success in the corporate and startup arena with an emphasis in digital marketing, advertising, and online product development. Prior to Spinnable, Demarest was Chief Strategy Officer of Vidaptiv, Inc. – an interactive advertising platform where he was instrumental in driving market strategy and operations. Before that he was President of Webxu Media, a $26 million per year performance marketing media network, focused on user acquisition and lead generation where he also advised on M&A deals and managed the company’s acquisitions.

From 2010 to 2012, Mark served as Vice President of Affiliate Marketing for Domain Development Corp (DDC), where he formed the affiliate network PremiumTraffic(.com), as a division of the company. During his time at DDC, Mr. Demarest led the build-outs of Cash.com, SingleParents.com, and helped manage a portfolio of 80,000 domains and 30 million unique visitors per month. In 2009, he founded and was CEO of Click Conversion, a PaaS technology that streamlined and automated affiliate offer publishing and promotion, speeding time-to-market and profitability for its users.

Demarest also founded markandrewdesign, a San Francisco and Silicon Valley web design firm, and sold the company to BayWeb, Inc., where he stayed on as Creative Director. His clients have included Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Wells Fargo, DirecTV, World Gym, Cirque du Soleil and other leading lifestyle brands.

Demarest has held various senior management positions within high-tech, software, and internet companies, such as Idea Integration (idea.com; NYSE: MPS) where he was leading internet portal initiatives and contributing to projects for Food.com, Compaq, AT&T, SFMOMA, and PG&E. He also held the position of Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Flowtix, Inc. – a human-capital-management SaaS company, and Vice President of International Operations for the reverse-auction company SourceLead, Inc. (promena.net; IST:KCHOL) where he oversaw all global business deals and partnerships in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the US.


Ricardo Parker

, CEO of Chronos VR (http://www.chronosvr.com/)

Ricardo Parker is a futurist with a passion for technology. Having recognized the power of personal computers at an early age, it wasn’t until he was 19 years-old that he moved to Seattle to pursue his dream of working for Microsoft.

Today Ricardo Parker is the founder of Chronos VR, a VR company he founded in March 2015. Chronos launched the first VR Development school in the world, with classes offered at SURF Incubator in Downtown Seattle. Chronos is also developing VR games and experiences to be launched at the time the HTC Vive goes on sale. Chronos has a vision for HyperReality,a nd using VR for social interaction an increasing human intelligence. increasing human intelligence.


David J Kelley

,CTO Zensa Co, Microsoft MVP and Chairman of the TNC;

A recognized futurist and technologist with deep experience as a emerging experiences/technology, UX Design, technology trends focused on AR/VR, wearable’s, AI, Cloud and other key major trends as well as a published author. David’s specialty is to bring compelling new technologies to market in dynamic, evolving environments with a particular emphasis on the user experience focused engineering.

David is a futurist who has a unique ability to discern emergent trends in technology and identify meaningful use cases that not only deliver commercial benefit but improve the total User Experience. David was one of the very first to recognize the potentiality of Cloud Services, IoT and how Augmented Reality and VR would significantly improve how people experience cutting edge technology.

Through his tech insight and deft design skill, David has worked directly with industry leaders including Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and Ray Ozzie to bring the most decisive technologies from ideation to market. He is thrilled to bring more than twenty years of Microsoft experience to everything that he does.

Ryan Pedersen

Senior Software Engineer, (www.Microsoft.com)

Ryan Pedersen is a Senior Software Engineer on the Partner Catalyst team for Technical Evangelism and Development in Microsoft. Ryan has over 20 years of experience across several disciplines including engineering, consulting and management. He is currently helping a variety of Microsoft customers move their innovation teams forward with technologies like node, machine learning, live streaming data, wearables, IoT and mobile applications. When Ryan isn’t writing software you can find him in his garage turning chucks of trees into round things. He occasionally tweets about his work at @rpedersen.

Paolo Tosolini

,Director, Digital and Emerging Media at Run Studios

Highly creative, forward thinking professional offering 10+ years of experience in cross functional roles including product development and marketing, data analysis, program management and interactive design.

Unique background within startup, agency and in-house corporate environments. Extensive experience in leading concept development and strategy of innovative digital solutions including social and rich media, mobile, online video and interactive presentations.

Proven ability to identify emerging/disruptive technologies and transform them into business opportunities. Well-rounded design thinker, grounded in logic, structure and processes; possess a flair for visual and emotional solutions, a love for experimentation and an ability to deliver quickly. Strong communication, interpersonal, organizational and collaboration skills across multiple disciplines. Adept at pitching new approaches and ideas.


Danne Stayskal

, Lead Data Scientist at Lifelong (http://danne.stayskal.com/)

Danne Stayskal is Lead Data Scientist at Lifelong, a startup that leverages AI to correlate daily data on people’s lives (location, happiness, anxiety, diet, weather, medications, etc). She authored Owning Conversation and The Visceral Society. Her books cover human rights, intellectual property, and social geometry.

Danne’s background is an interdisciplinary researcher, engineer, and linguist with two decades of experience in software engineering. This is mostly in web and mobile applications and data systems. Her most passionate research interests are in artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, scalable architectures, systems automation, mathematical modeling, cryptosystem design, and security analysis.


Dorothy Deasy

As a Freelance Design Researcher,

my goal is to enable compassionate product development and authentic branding.Open to employment opportunities including full-time, freelance/project-to-project or retainer employment.  With extensive experience in marketing and design research including strategic qualitative, ethnography, observation, projective techniques and depth interviewing. I’ve been on teams for award-winning products, helped to create and deploy new methodologies and have provided strategic direction for leading consumer brands.


Gabriel Licina

Laboratory Manager at Sciences for the Masses;

Bio Hacker, Grinder with a background on molecular biology.  A researcher at the University of Washington, I like exploring and trying new things. I believe science should be open and accessible to everyone. I am currently working on various projects within the fields of material sciences, microbiology, and mammalian cell biology.


Devin Daniels


is a young US-based futurist, entrepreneur, and physics student focused on space-based potentials. As a futurist, he is the founder of Seize My Future – a website serving as a guide for those who wish to stay updated on the cutting edge of life. He has been published in The Future of Business with his chapter of Space-Based Solar Power and Wireless Power Transmission. His overall futurism goals are to help the public understand the cutting edge of scientific and technological developments, while leading the charge to establish humanity as an interplanetary species.

As an entrepreneur, Adair Daniels is currently designing a personalized hub experience for every internet user. This hub will create a unique web for every person, connecting the internet in new and unique ways. It is seamlessly a platform for social media, news, blogs, and the rest of the internet. In the future, he hopes to get into the private space race by establishing a variety of space-based businesses. He also seeks to provide a way for the public to directly interact with space.

As a physics student at Portland State University, Adair Daniels is seeking to understand the most fundamental mysteries of the universe. Focusing on theoretical physics and cosmology, he hopes to help establish a unified theory of physics and to further study phenomena such as dark matter and black holes.


Kyrtin Atreides

Psychoacoustic Researcher

Kyrtin is a long time Futurist, now taking the initiative and moving into applied research and the hybridization of various technologies with which to address the world’s most pressing problem. Most Futurists and researchers tend to focus on pushing technology forward, but technology itself is no longer the problem, the problem is that less than 1% of technology that has been developed today is being efficiently utilized, because humanity itself is lagging behind in terms of progress by comparison. As such my focus has turned to solving the negative aspects of the “human condition”, in which factors such as potent bouts of stress are expected, because if those issues can be resolved humanity itself can leap forward towards otherwise unattainable goals such as world peace and a world government.


Evan West


Evan has managed content and programs for a city, university, health organizations, as well as enterprise technology companies like Microsoft. He honed his communication skills during his time in the Masters of Communication in Digital Media program at the University of Washington. While he is not spending his time managing content or programs, he is busy playing with new technology and forecasting future scenarios at the Informed Futurist.


Speakers at Past http://eftf.transhumanity.net/past-speakers/