Extreme Futures Tech Fest – Fall 2015

Transhumanity.net in partnership with The Foundation
Saturday, October 17, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM (PDT), Redmond, WA

EFTF is a tech conference focused on emerging technology trends, across the tech sector. It covers the latest in emerging technology, the trends but also social impact and emerging societal changes and where we are going with technology and where it affects us and business. In this ‘issue’ of EFTF we have topics from bio engineering, cybernetics (including a live demo of an implant procedure), artificial intelligence, cloud computing, maker trends, XR technologies (AR/VR and Wearables), IoT and many more.

Conference features include main talks covering key areas, a digital conference floor, device bar, and the futures forum with industry experts, lighting rounds covering niche topics, networking opportunities, a super-secret technology cabal after party and more.

Current Opportunities include:

Volunteer now for staff, we need help running and managing the conference the day of.

Signup for lightening rounds (10 minute presentation) on a related topic

Signup to-do a digital booth (generally a small 25 to 27 inch display) with flyers or other related demo material

Sponsor the event which includes call outs in conference material, signage, links on any conference related sites, a digital booth, 2 tickets for the conference.

Speakers Line Up So Far (more to come):

Erika Nicole Feldman, Ph.D. – Early Learning and Play Consulting- [Github]

David J Kelley – (CIO/CEO) – Futurist/Technologist, MS MVP [blog]

Elizabeth Parrish, CEO – www.BioVivaSciences.com

Natasha vita-More, Ph.D. – h+ Executive Director

Phil Swan, Space Access Infrastructure

Lightening Round Presenters:

Perry Piper (Topic: VR), Gabriel Licina (Topic: Cybernetic Implants and the Grind), Ryan Lane(Topic: Drones…),  Celeste M. Combs (Topic: UX Related), Kyrtin Kenniz, Tyler Jacinto, Aaron Harris, Eric Nevala (VR Games), Devin Daniels …


9:am – David J Kelley – Intro/keynote

9:30 – Dr. Feldman,

10 – Dr. Vita-More

10:30 – Elizabeth Parrish

11 – Phil Swan

12 – Lunch (2 hours)

2 – Lightening Rounds (2 hours)

4 – Expert Forum

5 – Wrap up

6 – Insider Party at the Mox

Table Topics






Cloud/Big Data


Emerging Trends



Longevity Medicine

Current Sponsors:





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