Exosphere Academy 2016 – Prepare Yourself For The Creative Economy

“The burning desire to press forward in the face of all opposition, limitless curiosity for learning, the ability to adapt, and the will to shape the world for the better— these are the essential traits of the entrepreneur.
In our age of hype this core has been replaced with venture capital rounds, social media vanity, and a lot more talking about the journey than actually living it.”

– Skinner Layne
Founder of Exosphere

The nature of work has changed, and so has its relationship with you as an individual. Adaptability is the new source of value, originating from creativity, and reinforced by your expertise and skills. This is what the CREATIVE ECONOMY is about.

Either by self encouragement or out of necessity, the CREATIVE ECONOMY pushes you to learn new skills and be able to reinvent yourself. You need to break the rules of an outdated model that does not prepare you for the current world context and prevents you from reaching your real potential. Learning is a lifelong process and a fundamental pillar of your journey as an entrepreneur.

Start building a life at the frontlines of the Creative Economy.

Learn more athttp://exosphe.re/#creative

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