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The Future of Medicine

Speaking at the Summer 2015 Extreme Future Tech Fest sponsored by Transhumanity.net; learn the state of our current sick care system and its evolution through technology to a real ‘health care system’ by Gerry Miller from Cloudticity the head technologist and visionary.  Gerry’s company is one of the largest companies building or enabling medical cloud based technology and helping drive adoption for cloud and big data based technology in the medical field.


learn more at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cloudticity 



* hero image from http://www.popsci.com/article/science/suspended-animation-space-travel-what-scientists-still-need-learn


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Photos and Media Summer/Fall 2015

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Extreme Future Tech Fest – Summer 2015

With special guests including Zoltan Istvan (Futurest and SciFi Author) this event will be an interactive immersive day of future technology, demos, XR related technology, device bar, touch wall and info on emerging trends and what that means for the future of technology and society, meet industry star’s, thought leaders and more.

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